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Maine Police

Second Victim Accuse Same Maine State Police of violating his rights.


Second Private Investigator claim violations by Maine State Police Lt. Scott Ireland and Det. David Pelletier

By Joshua Gray, PI from Boston, MA

Bob Doyon of Greene, Maine, who has held a Private Investigator license in Maine for many years, was watching YouTube one night. He came across a video posted by me, a Massachusetts Investigator titled ‘Maine State Police violate the civil, constitutional and human rights of Massachusetts PI’. This video clearly outlined how Lt. Scott Ireland and Det. David Pelletier charged me with a crime I did not commit and then retaliated against me after winning in court. He was immediately compelled to send me a message because my video stirred up dormant emotions of his experience with the very same troopers. click here to continue reading...

State Troopers involved: Lt. Scott Ireland, Det. David Pelletier and Sgt. Michael Zabarsky